Patriots Training Service Dogs: The New PTSD

Warrior Service Dogs is a non-profit organization started by three Iraq/Afghanistan combat veterans based in Western North Carolina.  Our training is led by certified dog trainer and behavior modification specialist Shane Cox.  We will assist you in scouting dogs from local shelters to find the right dog to fit your specific needs, or we will train a Veterans personal dog if it will pass an assessment test. We test the dog to see how he/she reacts to different situations, flooring, sounds, touch, sociability, and over all soundness.  Then we follow Assistant Dogs International’s criteria of 180 hours of training, then certification.


WSD’s GOAL is to work along side and support our nation’s veterans in any and every way possible through the assistance of well-trained service dogs.  No matter the disability or the specific needs of our disabled vets, we will exceed expectations to provide the assistance they need by teaming them with their very own Warrior Service Dog.  We will gladly train a veteran’s pet dog to become their service dog or we will select a dog from a local shelter and train it for the veteran’s specific needs

We are currently holding training sessions free to any veteran at the Asheville Humane Society’s Education Room, Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 3:30pm-5:30pm.  If you already have a dog please contact us or bring him/her out. If you do not own a dog we would love to scout the local shelters to help you find the right dog.

Please check our Facebook page for regular updates on park training cancellations or location changes.



“No need is too small; no disability is too big.  We welcome any challenge and will passionately give back to our fellow veterans from all generations.”